Below-knee amputee Betsy Burch, in her book A Girl Named Betsy, recounts the challenges she has faced and overcome in her determination to live a full life.

“I was born without my tibia in my right leg and my hands were webbed,” she shares in the book, according to a media release from Archway Publishing, a division of Simon & Schuster. “Through many surgical corrections my hands work very well, despite looking a little different.”

Throughout the book, Burch offers flashbacks and present-day accounts as she examines how certain experiences in life can push one forward toward successes one would never have imagined.

“The news media can trap so many people in and they start believing the negativity they are watching,” Burch adds, per the release. “I want my book to provide a different view point. One where we can be inspirational to each other, helping each other grow and achieve our greatest potential and soul purpose.”

The book is also available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

[Source(s): Archway Publishing, PRWeb]