The 1C60 Triton prosthetic foot, developed with input from amputees, from Otto Bock HealthCare, Minneapolis, can aid those with lower limb loss.

“The focus of our engineers in developing the Triton was fully on mobility, with a special emphasis on natural anatomy,” said Brad Ruhl, CEO and president of Otto Bock. “The result is a foot that follows nature’s lead with excellent dynamics, energy storing and energy return, and which provides an exceptional opportunity for a return to living life to the fullest.” 

The Triton has flexible carbon springs that are connected through a high-performance base spring to form a cohesive system. The design allows the foot to function as a flexible unit, creating a smooth rollover. Its formed and split forefoot area adapts to uneven surfaces, helping to guarantee that the user’s movements are controlled and there is a consistently high level of stability while walking and standing. It also provides improved response when rapidly changing direction, and has a high load capacity.

The 1C60 Triton is good for all amputation levels and people of any age with normal to high levels of activity. The device is recommended for use in combination with the new Otto Bock GeniumTM Bionic Prosthetic Knee or the C-Leg® Microprocessor-Controlled Knee.

[Source: Otto Bock]