Marquis Health Services introduces telemedicine, provided by TripleCare, to two of its locations: Blueberry Hill Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center in Beverly, Mass, and Oakland Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center in Oakland, NJ.

TripleCare provides telemedicine-based healthcare to the post-acute care sector, including skilled nursing facilities, throughout the United States. Physicians in the TripleCare network use technology to connect to patients at skilled nursing facilities during the weekends and on holidays, when physician staffing is more limited.

By offering full physician accessibility and support during these times, TripleCare’s services are intended to treat patients in place and help reduce hospital transfers, explains a media release from Long Island City, NY-based TripleCare.

TripleCare combines its physician expertise and technology with support from local, on-site nurses at both Marquis facilities, and employs its telemedicine-based protocols to perform bedside exams, in real time. TripleCare’s virtual services make it possible for its physicians to diagnose and determine whether a patient should be treated at the facility or transferred to a hospital.

“We look forward to working with Marquis as our telemedicine services continue to help facilities such as Blueberry Hill and Oakland Rehabilitation increase their patient census, elevate treat-in-place rates, lower return-to-hospital (RTH) incidences and distinguish themselves in their local marketplaces. Our mission is to help our clients reduce or avoid hospitalizations and readmissions, and with our physician connectivity, we bring facilities and their patients comfort in knowing they can achieve this,” states Dr Mary Jo Gorman, TripleCare’s chief executive officer, in the release.

“In a fairly short period of time, TripleCare’s telemedicine services have already made a difference in helping our facilities achieve better outcomes and are giving greater peace of mind to our patients and their families,” adds Norman Rokeach, chief executive officer of Marquis Health Services, in the release.

Marquis’ Webster Park Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center location in Rockland, Mass. is scheduled to launch TripleCare’s telemedicine services in the third quarter of 2018.

[Source(s): TripleCare, Business Wire]