Lacuna Health, a subsidiary of Kindred Healthcare LLC (Kindred), announces that it is expanding its partnerships with hospitals, health systems, and other providers to support patients’ transitions from hospital to home and to bridge gaps across the care continuum.

Lacuna Health is the evolution of Kindred’s Contact Center, a toll-free, 24/7, registered nurse (RN) staffed resource created in 2014 to serve Kindred patients and their families seeking ongoing support and assistance navigating the healthcare system.

Lacuna Health’s branded and white-labeled care engagement services address the gaps in care that many patients face, offering clinically tailored patient engagement services, physician support, and patient discharge planning and placement services, explains a media release from Lacuna Health.

Lacuna Health’s four product categories include:

  • Nurse Hotline Services, which provides RN-led inbound/outbound support to identify patients and caregivers with clinical needs as part of broader consumer-focused marketing efforts.
  • Clinical AfterCare Services, which provides RN-led telephonic patient engagement to identify and manage clinical gaps as patients transition from a site, setting or service.
  • Physician Practice Support, which offers RN-led clinical resources to support physicians.
  • Hospital Placement Solutions, which deploys RN-led discharge planning support to help reduce avoidable days, create staffing efficiencies and improve patient outcomes.

Lacuna Health is now delivering services to more than 500,000 patients and caregivers annually, and has formed new relationships with hospitals, health systems, physician groups, Accountable Care Organizations, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living companies and others, including home health providers.

“The care engagement services Lacuna developed and honed over the years for Kindred’s patients are now being deployed with non-Kindred partners across the acute and post-acute continuum. The registered nurses at the center of Lacuna Health operations have proven their ability to improve patient experiences and drive outcomes, and the company is now positioned to become a valuable partner in the healthcare continuum as a leading population health manager,” states Benjamin A. Breier, Kindred’s president and CEO, in the release.

“Our RN-led model and partnership strategy is poised to redefine care engagement models and drive enormous value for our customers and partners. We look forward to becoming the trusted care engagement partner for leading healthcare entities across the country,” adds Dr Brian Holzer, CEO of Lacuna Health.

[Source(s): Kindred Healthcare LLC, Business Wire]