Dave SoftwareThe Jamboxx, a USB-powered, breath-controlled device that mirrors the design of a harmonica and initially developed to accommodate users with disabilities who do not have the use of their hands, offers users the ability to play a digital instrument hands-free. According to MyMusic Machines Inc, the company that markets the device, in addition to allowing professional musicians to create custom presets, the Jamboxx software’s visual feedback and karaoke-style software is engineered to provide easy access for individuals with disabilities and children.

The company notes that it provides the backtracks accompanied by numeric tabs which represent the melody and are easy to follow. The company adds that it also provides other software for individuals with disabilities that enable the controller to function as an alternative joystick. The Jamboxx can be used hands-free in a bracket or like a harmonica.

The company’s website reports that the Jamboxx features a range of accessibility features including self-contained multiuser mouthpieces that can be snapped into the device to enable the units to be used by organizations and professionals working with a variety of individuals. There are no fixed switches for playing position and the device’s software allows calibration of movement in order to adapt to users with limited ranges of motion.

Breath control can also be calibrated to accommodate individuals with limited breathing abilities to produce loud volumes. The device can also be used as an accessible and alternate hands-free mouse or an alternate PC game controller. The software is marketed with a range of electronic sounds, including digital saxophone, violin, electric and acoustic guitar, drums, bass, flute, and harmonica. For more information about Jamboxx controllers, click here.

[Source: MyMusic Machines Inc]