The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital (TCC), located in Bethany, Okla, announces the implementation of Harris Healthcare’s Novus ClinDoc, an advanced clinical documentation application linked to QCPR, its electronic health record.

TCC worked with Harris Healthcare to configure three care notes, specific to their workflows: an Admit H&P, a Progress Note, and a Discharge Summary, it notes in a media release from Harris Healthcare.

Novus ClinDoc is developed to eliminate the steps required to review patient data, re-work notes, and re-do lost notes—all while supporting collaboration.

Additional features include the ability to “carry forward” prior documentation; auto-save, which eliminates lost work and rework; and problem-based note templates that organize and simplify data, and are easier to search.

Implementation of TCC’s Novus ClinDoc began in mid-July. After template review, and testing for accuracy and functionality, the program went live on October 25.

“We’ve had a phenomenal experience,” explains pediatrician Darin Brannan, MD, vice president of medical informatics at TCC, in the release. “No negative impacts on workflow. Substantial reductions in time to document. In totality, Novus ClinDoc creates a much better user experience with a more professional impact.”

“The Children’s Center has been an excellent Beta partner,” says Santina Allen, senior executive vice president, Harris Healthcare, Clinical Solutions, the release continues.

“The TCC team would see patients all day, provide testing feedback to us, and then be back again the next day to test out the resolutions we delivered overnight. The focus on continuous improvement helped us deliver software that improves the clinician experience, and ultimately patient care.”

[Source(s): Harris Healthcare, PR Newswire]