redocTogether, ReDoc Software and Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes Inc (FOTO), a medical rehabilitation company that measures and reports functional outcomes, have announced have announced the full integration of their products, offering users accessibility to FOTO’s functionality and reports directly through ReDoc. A news release notes that FOTO reports and outcomes are designed to automatically become part of the patient’s permanent medical record.

The release also designates ReDoc as the first therapy electronic medical record (EMR) to be fully integrated with FOTO. Gerry Stone, PT, MEd, founder, chief clinical officer, ReDoc Software, states that the combination of FOTO’s functionality with ReDoc’s wide range of documentation, scheduling, business management, and billing interface tools, “is everything any outpatient therapy clinic will require to meet the regulatory challenges of today and the years to come.”

Al Amato, PT, MBA, president, FOTO, emphasizes the company’s excitement regarding the full integration of the software, noting that it aims to allow mutual customers to enhance efficiency when managing patient data. While medical rehabilitation providers can become overwhelmed when managing compliance demands from payers and legislation, Amato adds that, “This partnership should ease that burden and allow the clinician more time to focus on patient care.”

[Source(s): ReDoc, FOTO]