“In all realms of life it takes courage to stretch your limits, express your power, and fulfill your potential…
it’s no different in the financial realm.”


Rogena Schuyler SilvermanThe political and economic landscape of the country has significantly changed the American business model over the last few years. Financial uncertainty, health care debates, political bickering, and uncertain employment are just a few of the issues that have affected the nation’s securities. In fact, the current economic climate has business owners of every rank to reexamine, reorganize, and restructure their strategies and efforts to maintain solvent and stable for the duration.

Physical medicine and rehabilitation professionals—indeed, the entire health care industry—are not exempt from these issues. While clearing the challenges of reimbursement limitations, and social and economic hurdles, they must adjust operational costs to remain productive, competitive, and profitable—without sacrificing professionalism and quality of service to their clientele.

To aid physical medicine and rehabilitation practitioners, clinicians, and decision makers, with information to make smart purchasing decisions to help bolster their practices, Rehab Management offers its 2010 Buyer’s Guide. This comprehensive reference issue is produced annually and provides a full spectrum of offerings in mobility, pain management, fitness equipment, pediatric, geriatric, bariatric, neurological rehab, gait and balance, and practice management software to more efficiently organize purchasing, billing, scheduling and record keeping. In addition, Rehab Management’s 2010 Buyer’s Guide is easy to use, offering alphabetized company listings (including contact numbers, Web addresses, and office e-mail addresses), an indexed product directory, and alphabetized manufacturer’s trade names for quick reference.

In this continually evolving industrial economy, we hope that Rehab Management’s 2010 Buyer’s Guide will prove to be a crucial resource in the upcoming year, helping you make well-informed purchasing decisions for all of your practice’s long-term, short-term, fitness, practice management, rehab products, and service needs.