Mobile home health and hospice software provider Homecare Homebase (HCHB) introduces Smart Scheduling, part of the HCHB Intelligence Suite.

Smart Scheduling is designed to use algorithms to create routing, mapping, and scheduling for home health agencies to automate the scheduling process across everything from skilled nursing and specialized wound care to physical therapy, chaplain visits, and more.

It is also engineered to integrate post-acute outcomes data and performance analytics from Excel Health, according to news releases from HCHB and Excel Health.

The HCHB Intelligence Suite uses a variety of evolving technologies to create its solutions, including applied analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

By integrating data from Excel Health, HCHB Analytics will now have pre-built dashboards and four new data sources, including market share by county and state, to create customizable reports.

“Smart Scheduling works directly to tackle one of the industry’s most arduous, time-consuming tasks that often requires several resources and typically creates inefficient schedules. Both of these drive up costs and keep clinicians from spending quality time with the patients best matched to their skill set,” says HCHB President Scott Decker, in the release.

HCHB is currently working through a pilot of the Smart Scheduling product with its client Encompass Health and is expected to roll out the new tool for existing customers in Q1 2020.

[Source(s): Homecare Homebase, Excel Health, PRWeb]