Patient Hub, new from Brightree, is a patient-facing web app for the HME market that aims to personalize the patient experience and increase revenue for HME providers. The app was officially announced recently at Medtrade.

According to the company in a media release, Patient Hub is a patient engagement app that automates and simplifies how HME providers connect with their patients. It eliminates the need for multiple web portals and consolidates all patient interactions into one secure platform.

The Patient Hub app allows providers to automate simple, repetitive processes such as sending out appointment reminders and requests for insurance updates, or delivering order status and tracking updates. Patients can initiate and complete tasks as well, including updating account information, reordering supplies, and making payments. They can also use their smart device to take and upload a picture of their insurance card or an item they want to order, and even troubleshoot broken equipment with their HME provider. All these interactions are fully integrated back into Brightree.

“We’re excited to use the Patient Hub app to alert patients to their insurance-related denials, as opposed to it falling into a work queue that may not get touched for many days,” says Seth Weinstein, business analytics manager at Medical Service Company in Cleveland, in the release.

“By automating the communication to the patient, we’re making it easy for them to participate in the process. And because the issue can be easily fixed and potentially resolved that same day, we can see that valuable cash flow much sooner.”

“This new solution allows our customers to connect with their patients in a new, engaging and personalized way,” adds Steve Rogers, Brightree vice president of product management.

Brightree is a provider of cloud-based software for post-acute care companies. For more information, visit Brightree.

[Source(s): Brightree, Business Wire]