Brightree, a provider of patient-management software for post-acute care companies, launches Lockbox, an automated patient-pay service for home medical equipment (HME) providers.

Lockbox is developed to help HME providers receive funds faster, improve their cash flow, shorten their revenue cycle, and save hours in staff time.

It features an automated, high-speed document scanning process that replaces many of the manual steps that burden HME accounts receivable. With this process, Lockbox posts all bank funds and documents online, and applies the funds to the HME’s accounts receivable in Brightree, according to the company in a media release.

“Lockbox helps solve one of HMEs’ top concerns: how to get paid faster,” says Shaw Rietkerk, executive vice president and general manager, Brightree Revenue Cycle Management, in the release.

“At a time when many companies are dealing with rising labor costs and increased borrowing costs, our automation technology gives customers an attractive payment processing solution that improves their cash flow, saves time and money, and decreases the potential for errors,” Reitkerk adds.

[Source(s): Brightree, Business Wire]