AbleNet, Roseville, Minn, has formed a new partnership with the British company Possum Limited, Buckinghamshire, UK, to market and sell their product line in Environmental Control Units (ECU) to the North American market.

“AbleNet will now have a complete range of environmental control products ranging from the less complex technology solutions to the very sophisticated solutions, all with features and price points that fit the unique requirements of each person,” said Jen Thalhuber, CEO of AbleNet Inc.

Possum won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category for their electronic assistive technology products. Possum designs, manufactures, and installs electronic devices that work together to enable individuals with disabilities or elderly users to control their immediate environment.

The primary Possum products to be marketed in North America include:

Sero: a telephone providing a loud speaker capability, remote control of the telephone, and an answering machine with communication aid functions. It has 50 recordable phrases (each 60 seconds long) allowing people with partial or no voice to communicate crucial messages over the telephone.

Primo: a user-friendly device providing remote control of the immediate environment to give independence for users and caregivers. It can be used as a simple system providing a limited number of functions, or can be configured to control an environmental control system, incorporating remote control telephones, intercoms, PC’s, and other devices. Its functionality enables PC access to the Internet, e-mail, electronic media, and desktop applications. The system is tailored to meet individual’s needs and can be readapted as users’ needs change.

Jive: a handheld communication aid offering a range of symbol and text communication, uses the Acapela voice synthesizer and introduces full infrared environmental control. The device is fully programmable onboard or with the included software.

Chin Switch: an access tool that allows individuals with severe physical limitations to control the above devices by simply moving their chin. This switch uses a necklace design to position one or several switches, as needed.

AbleNet is an international company that provides educational and technical solutions to help children and adults with disabilities. 

[Source: AbleNet]