The Upland-Calif based company BMS Practice Solutions recently announced the addition of a new functionality to its RevFlow software. A BMS Practice Solutions news release reports that the RevFlow software now includes fully integrated, Web-based technology that provides electronic medical record (EMR) and scheduling solutions to complement it’s A/R management and reporting solutions.

John Wallace, PT, MS, OCS, BMS Practice Solutions president and CEO, explains that the RevFlow technology was, “designed by therapists for therapists. It enables PTs and OTs to quickly use our technology while treating patients and dramatically improves their ability to meet documentation standards, managing risk, adhere to compliance, and expedite payments.”

RevFlow is designed to allow therapists to customize the product with their desired treatments and protocols in order to save time and to ensure that their documentation meets payer standards. BMS Practice Solutions adds that the software also prompts users for accurate procedure codes and the application of payment rules. The product’s EMR also provides digital patient charts with daily progress reports, evaluations, clinical outcomes, document scanning, and management, the release notes. 

The product also includes the RevFlow Scheduler, engineered to allow physical therapists and occupational therapists to schedule follow-up visits for patients without having to depend on an administrative or scheduling assistant. The company reports that the Scheduler also offers the capability to highlight multiple patient appointments and provider over-bookings. 

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Source: BMS Practice Solutions