The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) and Technology (PM&T) Subcommittee have announced the organization of the Epic User Group meeting, created to provide feedback and information to users of the Epic HER software. The AAN notes that neurologists and practice managers who use or are in the process of implementing Epic electronic health record (EHR) software are encouraged to attend.

Attendees will meet to discuss Epic’s EHR software, share issues and solutions, and other EHR concerns. The AAN reports that the user group’s objectives include discovering practices and tips when using Epic, networking with fellow neurologists and practice managers using the EHR software, and discussing challenges with fellow Epic users. AAN adds that attendees will also learn how other Epic users have optimized their EHR system to provide improved care for neurology patients and develop structured feedback to give to Epic.

The meeting is slated for April 24, University Medical Center in Chicago, Ill.

Source: AAN