Medline Industries announces a partnership with Real Time Medical Systems to expand the presence of the Real Time platform in the long-term care market as a way to help decrease hospital readmissions from skilled nursing facilities. The Real Time platform, an application that sits on top of a facility’s EMR, is engineered to analyze 150 clinical data fields, provide recommended interventions to guide facilities, and consolidate the data into a single report, per a media release from Medline. “Providers must be able to monitor real time data and use it in ways to improve outcomes that hospital systems are looking at,” says Scott Rifkin, MD, founder of the Real Time platform and also co-founder of Mid-Atlantic Health Care, an East Coast-based skilled nursing home chain, in the release. Rifkin created Real Time to help facilities improve resident care and increase revenue growth opportunities, per the release. “We wanted to know data when it was new and fresh enough to intervene in the healthcare of a patient. We looked at every EMR out there and just could not get real time data in ways that we could use it to address the daily changes in resident conditions,” he adds. Medical device manufacturer and distributor Medline Industries notes that the decision to offer the Real Time app to its customers was simple, as both companies share similar values. “Our customers are required to do more with less. As we continue to leverage our position as a medical supply chain partner, we’re always looking for solutions that can help customers solve their biggest financial and clinical problems,” states Dave Jacobs, executive vice president of Medline’s post-acute care sales division, in the release. “Real Time empowers providers to be innovative and forward-thinking in their approach to resident care.” [Source(s): Medline, Business Wire]