In response to decreasing reimbursements and increasing audits from third-party payors, a  live training course offers attendees lab-based instruction about how to enhance documentation in order to provide compliant documentation to justify the medical necessity of services. The course, presented by Hands-On Seminars, emphasizes the linking of objective and measurable physical impairments to functional deficits, as well as customizing patient progress with a relationship to condition, complexities, and sophistication.

The Hands-On Seminars website notes that the course is designed to provide instruction and lab creation of initial evaluations, daily notes, re-evaluations, and discharge summaries to allow attendees to become confidently compliant with documentation rules and requirements from third-party payors.

Course objectives include the ability to identify methods to write defendable documentation that links objective and measurable physical impairments to functional deficits that requires the skilled intervention of a physical or occupational therapist. Additionally, upon course completion, attendees will be able to describe how to establish medical necessity for patient evaluations that defensively document reasonable and necessary services under current third party payer requirement and explain how to justify individualized documentation of patient progression that assesses condition, complexities, and sophistication.

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[Source: Hands-On Seminars]