Net Health recently entered into an exclusive partnership with Alinea for its proprietary software platform, Net Health Therapy for Senior Living. Under the partnership, Alinea’s workflow automation and patient and family engagement capabilities have been integrated into Net Health’s platform, providing one of the most comprehensive technology solutions for senior living rehabilitation providers.

Net Health is one of the nation’s largest providers of specialty electronic health record (EHRs) platforms and analytic technologies.

Alinea is a powerful, highly configurable platform for rehabilitation providers serving senior living facilities that streamlines workflows and engages patients, powers of attorney, and family members, including digitized intake and co-pay collection The partnership further expands Net Health clients’ capacity to seamlessly serve the senior living community.

“We see a real need in the growing senior living marketplace to support the engagement of remote family members who make important decisions, on behalf of their loved ones,” said Josh Pickus, CEO of Net Health. “This partnership is a win for both our companies and thousands of senior living facilities looking for targeted solutions that meet the challenges of today.”

Net Health’s technology enables rehab therapists working in senior living facilities to drive more efficient operations, focus more on clients’ needs and optimize their revenue cycle. The Alinea + Net Health partnership further expands those capabilities by streamlining other critical functions and allowing therapy teams to effortlessly connect with all relevant external parties – for example, patients, families and those with powers of attorney – through a single automated process.

“When we started developing our technology, we saw the growing strain and frustration of manual processes and disjointed systems. Precious time and money were wasted toggling between incompatible applications and communicating back and forth via emails, phone calls, faxes, texts, and mail, all of which detracted from providing the best care possible,” said Carol Vance, Alinea CEO. “We listened closely and created solutions that allow our clients to streamline and accelerate critical workflows, while ensuring compliance, optimizing quality, and increasing revenue. Expanding our capabilities further through Net Health will give us exceptional positioning in the market and help our organizations continue to meet our goals for growth.”