tbi-edTo combat the reported 1.4 million civilian traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) occurring annually in the US, a workshop presented by Summit Professional Education offers up-to-date research and key assessment and evidence-based intervention procedures.

According to the Summit Professional Education website, the workshop places a primary focus on “nuts-and-bolts” procedures encompassing attention, visual processing, information processing, memory, and executive functions.

The course is available as a webcast encore and on-demand.

Discussions will address epidemiology, brain-behavior relationships, symptoms and challenges, as well as investigate research support for evidence-based and effective post-injury treatment, the site notes. The course is recommended for a range of healthcare professionals, including physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants, speech language pathologists, and speech language pathology assistants.

Attendees will receive instruction in a variety of areas, including meeting post-TBI needs in all phases, treatments for improving readiness to return to work, and meeting caregiver and family needs. Additional highlights include treatment approaches for PT/OT/SLP and Psych.

Janet P. Neimeirer, PhD, ABPP (RP), is slated as the program’s instructor. The site reports that Neimeirer is a board-certified rehabilitation psychologist with a specialty in neuropsychology and has more than 20 years experience assessing and treating patients in all phases of recovery from TBI. Summit Professional Education adds that during the course, Neimeirer will demonstrate and provide opportunities for practice of specific techniques that address a wide range of common TBI deficits.

Upon course completion, participants will have completed course objectives ranging from identifying and implementing the most effective, evidence-based treatment interventions for improving post-TBI deficits, identifying primary factors impacting long-term outcome post-TBI, and identifying primary factors impacting reintegration and how to improve productivity for individuals post-TBI.

For more information, visit www.summit-education.com.

[Source: Summit Professional Education]