Packing Some ‘Punch’ Into Your Parkinson’s Exercise Routine,” hosted by Parkinson Voice Project (PVP), will take place at 10:30 am CST February 9 at PVP’s Clark and Brigid Lund Parkinson’s Education Center in Richardson, Texas.

The complimentary educational lecture, which will focus on optimizing exercise strategies for Parkinson’s disease patients and caregivers, will be live-streamed on the PVP website and on Facebook. A video of the lecture will be posted online by February 15.

Presented by Michael Braitsch, PT, DPT, the session will address the importance of exercise for those with Parkinson’s in managing symptoms and maximizing function, as well as cutting-edge concepts in exercise strategies. The hope is that participants will better understand how to apply specific training to address specific impairments. The lecture also will explore why boxing training has become a popular way for patients to fight symptom progression.

By lecture’s end, it is hoped participants will be able to describe physical motor challenges associated with Parkinson’s disease, list three physical therapy exercises specifically developed to treat Parkinson’s, and describe three benefits of non-contact boxing for those diagnosed with the disease, explains a media release from Parkinson’s News Today.

Braitsch — also known as “Dr. Mike”  — is a board-licensed doctor of physical therapy, a former amateur boxer, a kinesiology professor, and an internationally certified fight referee. In addition to treating individual patients, Braitsch leads group exercise programs to help people with chronic conditions move and feel better.

A board member of the Adaptive Martial Arts Association and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Adaptive Sports Expo, he’s also actively researching the effects of non-contact boxing training on Parkinson’s-associated impairments. In addition, Braitsch offers Tai chi and South Paws boxing classes for Parkinson’s patients.

According to PVP’s website, Braitsch hopes to foster community wellness by changing the way physical therapy is structured for people with chronic and progressive conditions, per the release.

For more information or to register to attend the lecture in person, visit Parkinson Voice Project.

[Source: Parkinson’s News Today]