An intensive training seminar/workshop presented by Hands-On Seminars November 1 to 2 in Houston (Beaumont), focuses on comprehensive manual therapy for hip, knee, and foot pathology. The Hands-On Seminars website notes that the “Manual Therapy Approach for Hip, Knee & Foot” course offers participants integrated comprehensive techniques from approaches that include Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy; Muscle Energy Technique (MET); Strain & Counter Strain (SCS); Hip – Knee & Foot Mobilization – Manipulation; Neurofascial Mobilization; Hip – Knee & Foot Stabilization; and Proprioceptive Training.

The site states that participants will further advance their skills in differential diagnosis, and evaluation and treatment methods of Hip – Knee & Foot Pathology. Participants will also learn advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques along with extensive lab sessions.

Upon course completion, the site notes that attendees will have accomplished a variety of objectives, including knowing the appropriate methods of diagnosis for Hip – Knee & Foot pathology, demonstrating a deep understanding and appropriate handling of all Manual Therapy approaches discussed, and demonstrating how to effectively treat acute and chronic Hip – Knee & Foot pathology.

Additional objectives include creating appropriate Manual Therapy protocol, potentially encompassing components that include trigger point therapy, deep and superficial myofascial therapy, muscle energy technique, strain – counter strain, neurofascial mobilitzation, and Proprioceptive Training, as well as performing advanced treatment techniques for unresolved Hip – Knee & Foot pathology.

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[Source: Hands-On Seminars]