As part of their collaboration to bring more disabled diversity to digital kids’ media, GoNoodle and RespectAbility announce the creation and launch of Flash Bolton, a new GoNoodle Champ.

GoNoodle Champs, described as lovable characters each with his or her own unique personality and interests, are featured in the brand’s school platform and aim to encourage kids to stay active to flourish and succeed.

GoNoodle is a movement and mindfulness platform used in US public elementary schools to encourage students to get moving. Flash Bolton is part of GoNoodle’s Yes! You! Initiative that celebrates kids of different backgrounds, interests, perspectives and disabilities.

Full of energy and a spark, Flash Bolton has an electric personality and is always up for fun adventures and exploration. He rides a wheelchair and loves all things fast, from cars and planes to cheetahs and guitar riffs. Flash Bolton reinforces GoNoodle’s empowering Yes! You! messages of “Yes! You are a champ!” “Yes! You got this!” and “Yes! You belong!” GoNoodle explains in a media release.

“GoNoodle has always been committed to celebrating things that make kids unique and special while also reinforcing their similarities to build strong communities,” GoNoodle CEO KC Estenson notes in a media release. “Our partnership with RespectAbility reinforces that commitment to get kids of all abilities moving.”

Flash Bolton is a natural fit to kick-off GoNoodle’s Yes! You! Initiative given that people with disabilities make up the largest marginalized community in the United States, the release opines.

“What kids see on screen influences how they act in real life,” states Lauren Appelbaum, vice president at RespectAbility. “Our work with GoNoodle enables portrayal in digital kids’ media of a character with a disability, which then helps remove the barriers that separate us.”

Flash Bolton will debut in GoNoodle’s school product on July 31 and will also appear in a new video slated to launch on September 2, per the release.

[Source(s): GoNoodle, RespectAbility, PR Newswire]