UK-based IPRS Health, a provider of rehabilitation, physiotherapy, and case management services to the insurance industry, is partnering with Physitrack, a provider of digital therapeutics solutions.

IPRS Health Virtual Rehabilitation is a telephone and online clinical service enabling injuring people to access clinical guidance without having to make a face-to-face appointment. Physitrack’s clinical home exercise technology will now form part of this virtual support and will also be used by practitioners across the IPRS Health UK clinical network, explains a media release from IPRS Health.

The collaboration will also provide IPRS Health’s Virtual Rehabilitation team, and its network of physiotherapists across the UK, with access to Physitrack’s innovative tools for motivation and adherence tracking, the release continues.

“At IPRS Health we are constantly looking for new ways to enhance the clinical support we provide to patients. Our rigorous trialling of the Physitrack tools has shown that they have the capability to significantly increase patient exercise compliance and therefore speed-up recovery times,” saysMartyn Jackson, chief executive of IPRS Group, in the release.

“Physitrack also gives us the means to analyze recovery situations in more depth for the more than 35,000 patients we treat every year including their clinical outcomes,” says Marc Holl, head of clinical services at IPRS Health.

For more information, visit IPRS Health.

[Source(s): IPRS Health, Business Wire]