BMS Practice Solutions, Upland, Calif, has collaborated with Vancouver, Wash-based Knowledge Vault, to add a new training and HIPAA-compliant communication tool for its clients. BMS provides health care technology and professional guidance for billing, coding, and other critical practice management decisions as well as operational training to physical therapy practice owners and their staff.

“In addition to allowing us to offer customized online training for our RevFlow practice management system, this new training and communication tool will also provide our clients with a distraction-free, secure method to correspond and collaborate with our company and other physical and occupational therapy professionals within, and even outside of their practices,” Phil Kilcoin, chief operating officer of BMS, says.

The communication tool combines the intuitive interface of a social media platform with the convenient online storage capacity of cloud computing to allow practice owners to focus on the tasks that will have the biggest impact on their companies. Users will also reportedly be able to review and share documents, videos, and images stored on Knowledge Vault’s servers; this information can be accessed at any time from a computer or mobile device. Practice owners will also be able to share information with their staff, specific teams, or other practice locations. 

Source: BMS Practice Solutions