ann eubank

Ann Eubank

Read Ann’s weekly “battle cries” in From the Roots: Clinician’s Blog for advocacy, the clinical practice of compassion, and the everyday courage and heroic effort it takes for clinicians to initiate action in a broken system. The blog is sponsored by TiLite.

Her weekly posts spotlight the ongoing battle against a broken system. Whether it is the call for clinicians to practice compassion as “we are our brother’s keeper,” providing an enviornment of resilience to meet patients where they are, or brushing aside of mediocrity to be the hero of change, Eubank’s message remains the same: challenge the system and pass the advocacy torch on through this and future generations to ensure accessibility and high quality of life for mobility users.

Eubank is a nationally recognized advocate for wheelchair users, vice president of Community Initiatives for grassroots movement UsersFirst, and a regular columnist for Rehab Management.

To read her most current blog posts, as well as the comments clinicians have made in response to those posts click here, and share your insight!

Join the UsersFirst movement here and keep up with the organization’s latest activities here.


 Source: Rehab Management