I went to college with the idea I would earn a degree that would allow me to help others to realize their potential. I was taught to evaluate the consumer holistically, taking into consideration all areas of work, home and recreation.

At times, I feel like a radical when I am the only one in the room demanding we stand up for our professional values and human rights. I don’t mean just complain to each other over a sandwich on the therapy mat that the administration has no clue if they expect quality therapy, given the current insurance restrictions.

I mean take a stand, get involved. There must be a state association, or you can register with UsersFirst, or email me to ask what organization or movement is challenging the system that dictates your practice.

What has to happen for you to take it to the next level? Every week we see consumers leave the facility with less than adequate training and time for healing.

This is the kind of talk that will get you branded as a heretic – anyone who does not conform to an established attitude, doctrine, or principle.

Yep, if you are content with the status quo you are not a heretic, you are conforming, you are not making any waves, you are a good person – you are the system.

Life is not stagnant; it is ever evolving. You can take part in that evolution or let the status quo reign. If you choose the latter – no more lunchtime complaining for you.