We all have them, these demons. They get in the way of us being remarkable. At first this might conjure up images of tangible barriers such as a difficult co-worker or boss, or an illness. But, the most devastating demons live in our thoughts. Those thoughts—are lies.

For a while these thoughts might keep us safe. But, if you feed them, they can develop into full-grown, repugnant, life draining beliefs. Beliefs such as: you need more talent than you have, you need more money, or that we are not afraid. Oh we’re afraid all right, afraid of making a ruckus, afraid to fail, to be vulnerable or to be called out.

The average person, comfortable with mediocrity (where it is “safe”), avoids the feeling of fear at all costs; and the costs are steep.

Conversely, leaders and artists seek out the fear, pushing themselves to the edge. The edge of your safety zone is where the fear lives. Creativity and passion also live there.

Most of us were probably taught to fear change, exposure, looking stupid or foolish.

You can fear the fear, but keep moving forward. It doesn’t have to be pretty, just keep moving and learning. Without movement, there is no evolution. By shedding our old ways, that no longer serve us, we have the opportunity to evolve into a new and improved version of ourselves. However minute the change, acknowledge it, embrace it, you are evolving.

Turn and face the demons, you might find they are not as badass as you once thought.