Thomas Rossnagel, president and CEO of Sunrise Medical Inc, Longmont, Colo, says he is confident that the company is well prepared to take the next step in its ongoing strategic development.

“Our goal is to become the most efficient provider of premium mobility products and services in the US market," he says. "We have truly reinvented ourselves in the past 2 years here in the US. The positive feedback we have received from our customers confirms we are on the right track. Now is the time to take the next step in our evolution.”

The company says it has made significant progress in the US over the course of the past 2 years, noting that customer satisfaction and core product revenues have increased due to an improved and sharpened focus on the key stakeholders within the complex rehab market segment. Following the November 2009 divestiture of its Guardian HME product line, Sunrise has strengthened its core rehab business by a series of product and service introductions.

“Our efforts have been 100% directed at the dealers, users and clinicians who provide, use, and prescribe our products and services," says Pete Coburn, president of US commercial operations. "By focusing and listening to each vertical, we’ve been able to successfully launch exciting new products and create brand loyalty within our US dealer network. The users of our newest products, including our Quickie Q7 lightweight rigid wheelchair and our new Jay 3 cushion are thrilled with our innovation.”

“Our goal is to be the premium mobility product organization in the US,” he adds. “This means that in the segments we participate in we will offer a premium product in regards to functionality, appearance, and durability. Furthermore, we will provide premium services for our dealers, clinicians, and end-users. Each of these customer groups can expect continued innovation in each of our premium brands, Quickie, Zippie, Breezy, and Jay.”

Rossnagel says that "in today’s market, it is important to be more efficient than your competitors It is about having lean business processes in place and having to manage as few as possible internal interfaces. Improving the way we operate today in that direction will inevitably make us an even better supplier to our customers. We will achieve this by consolidating certain functional areas from our Longmont, Colo, facility into our Fresno, Calif, facility.

“In order to facilitate this move we are making significant, targeted investments," says Rossnagel. "Examples include our recently completed consolidation of our custom seating plants into our Fresno facility. This allows us to offer our dealers a complete base and custom seating solution, which drives efficiencies for all parties involved. An improved customer ERP infrastructure is under way and planned for completion this summer. These important investments will enable us to provide faster and improved customer service to our US customers at a time when efficiency gains are vital.”

[Source: Sunrise Medical]