Sunrise Medical,  Fresno, Calif,  offers the new JAY® Zip™, a skin protection and positioning cushion specifically designed for kids.

This is not a downsized adult cushion. By matching foam firmness to average pediatric sizes for each cushion width, the cushion maximizes individual comfort.

Standard sizes range from 8 inches by x 8 inches to 16 inches by 18 inches, and weigh as little as 1.2 pounds. “This cushion meets the market’s demand for a cushion designed specially for kids," says Joe Klickna, JAY product manager. "The JAY engineers carefully considered the pediatric client and their caregivers in every design consideration.”

A dual-layered contoured foam base and a soft, stretchable outer cover create a very comfortable ride for kids. The reticulated foam in the outer cover also promotes air movement to prevent heat and moisture build-up.

Knowing that with kids anything can happen, two machine washable outer covers are included with every cushion. The inner cover has a moisture-resistant urethane coating that’s easy to clean off, and features an Aquaguard zipper and antiwicking seam thread to help prevent moisture from reaching the foam.

The comfortable and soft outer cover is antimicrobial. The X-static® fabric is impregnated with silver, which studies have shown actually inhibits bacterial growth. This same material is also used in athletic apparel, hosiery, and footwear.

Sunrise Medical develops, designs, manufactures, and distributes manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, motorized scooters, and both standard and customized seating and positioning systems.

[Source: Sunrise Medical]