Curtiss-Wright Corporation’s industrial division announces the launch of the nVR2, a new addition designed to expand its VR2 range of wheelchair control systems from PG Drives Technology, that consists of a drive-only joystick module and 50A or 60A power modules.

According to a media release from Curtiss-Wright, the IPX4-rated nVR2 is engineered to be ideal for small- to mid-range drive-only power chairs. The device reportedly includes PG Drives Technology’s most compact joystick module, lending itself to indoor use by allowing operators a close approach to tables and minimizing the risk of collision with doorways.

The user controls of the nVR2 joystick module are designed to be simple and easy to access, which can be a good option for first-time wheelchair users, those with limited hand movement, or children. Furthermore, the company reports that the compact design of the device also makes it less likely to sustain impact damage, therefore reducing the need for costly replacements and/or service calls.

According to the Curtiss-Wright release, the nVR2’s power module comes with a 75-cm flying lead, which offers an easy disconnection point should the wheelchair’s seat need to be removed. The interconnection point between the power and joystick modules is molded from a highly visible yellow plastic, mimicking other key dismantling points usually found on wheelchairs. The power module motor and battery connectors are also recessed to reduce overall footprint.

In addition to the nVR2 joystick and power modules, the PG Drives Technology VR2 range comprises multiple alternative modules and configurations, including actuator, dual-attendant, and lighting controllers.

[Source: Curtiss-Wright]