Among the healthcare marketing trends explained in more detail in the PatientPop whitepaper “2018 Healthcare Marketing Trends for Providers” are: retention marketing, wellness content, social questions and answers, targeted advertisements, and third-party scheduling.

PatientPop, a provider of practice growth technology for healthcare providers, offers the whitepaper to help providers attract more patients and provide a positive patient experience.

“Healthcare providers want to know what they can do to make sure next year is better than the last,” says Luke Kervin, PatientPop co-founder and co-CEO, in a media release. “Revamping marketing strategy to include emerging healthcare marketing trends is one way providers can set their practices up for success.”

“Healthcare providers should focus on ways they can deepen their relationship with patients in 2018,” advises Joel Headley, PatientPop director of local SEO and marketing, in the release. “The goal is for patients to have healthcare—and their healthcare provider—top of mind.”

For more information and to download the whitepaper, visit PatientPop.

[Source(s): PatientPop, Business Wire]