Join Frank Long, Editorial Director of Rehab Management and Physical Therapy Products, as he speaks with Jeremy Cader, vice president of product innovation and engineering at Clinicient.

Delegate more unbillable work to your practice software’s automated functions so you spend more time providing the human touch to your clients. This podcast tells you where to find the “busy work” that keeps clinic staff from providing services that drive revenue. Some of these time-sucking tasks include:

  • verifying benefits before a patient visit;
  • reviewing charges before they go to claims; and
  • turning a paper claim into an electronic claim

Process automation can also provide a critical second set of eyes that alerts you when a task has been sitting too long, or used as a tool to log productivity metrics so all employees are positioned to provide top output.

Listen to this podcast and learn how to get payback from the process.

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Jeremy Cader is vice president of product innovation and engineering at Clinicient. He has an extensive career in IT including former posts as director of servicing technology at Merill Lynch, and chief information officer of Seterus (subsidiary of IBM).