The Amputee Coalition, headquartered in Manassas, Va, has developed a body mass index (BMI) calculator in conjunction with members of its Scientific and Medical Advisory Committee (SciMAC), engineered to allow individuals with limb loss to assess their current weight. According to the Coalition, the BMI calculator can be found on its website, however it is not a diagnostic tool. Should the BMI indicate that an individual is overweight or obese, the Coalition advises them to discuss with their doctor how they can lead a healthier lifestyle.

As being obese or overweight is linked to an increase in many diseases and health conditions, the Coalition has complied resources for amputees to help increase physical activity levels and eat a healthy diet. These resources can be found on the Coalition’s website. The Coalition adds that additional information can be obtained through its information specialists or speaking with a healthcare provider.

Source: Amputee Coalition