St. Peters Bone and Joint Surgery (SPBJ), headquartered in St. Peters, Mo, recently announced its partnership with iTriage, a mobile application that allows users to reference specific symptoms and find the closest location of an appropriate facility to address these symptoms. 

Brandon Larkin, MD, SPBJ’s primary sports medicine specialist emphasizes the benefits that the partnership will have for patients, “Sprains, strains, and broken bones require immediate medical attention. Our partnership with iTriage provides us with the resources and technology to connect with our patients when unexpected injuries occur and at their exact time of need.”

A recent news release reports that iTriage is available as a free download from the app stores for iPhone and Android devices, and from any internet-enabled device at On the iTriage application, the SPBJ Quick Care Center offers detailed information about its five orthopaedic physicians, services provided, hours of operation, and turn-by-turn directions utilizing GPS capabilities.

The iTriage application also allows users to learn about the possible causes of their symptoms, treatment options, and obtain medication information for treatment of a specific condition.

Source: St. Peters Bone and Joint Surgery