An example of Keet’s Patient Engagement mobile app, which provides secure messaging on a tablet device.

One of the functions of Keet’s Patient Engagement mobile app is to provide secure messaging on a tablet device.

Clinicient, Inc., has acquired Austin-based patient engagement innovator, Keet, in a deal backed by growth equiety firm, Catalyst Investors.  The acquisition aims to enhance Clinicient’s suite of clinical and financial solutions with the addition of Keet Health’s mobile patient engagement platform, according to a media release from Clinicient.

The acquisition, centered around connecting clinical process to clinical experience, enhances Clinicient’s robust suite of clinical and financial solutions with the addition of Keet Health’s mobile patient engagement platform. Keet keeps patients engaged with digital care plans, patient education, secure messaging, and care coordination. Simultaneously, Keet streamlines clinic/patient communication with personalized marketing automation and actionable metrics for clinic awareness and growth.

Combined with the INSIGHT platform, which combines EMR and revenue cycle management in a single system, Clinicient reports that the union with Keet will move toward delivering technology and services that allow healthcare providers and systems to achieve a superior patient and clinical experience.

“We’re excited to join forces with Keet and we see the Clinicient/Keet combination as a natural extension of our offerings to drive client improvement, both clinically and financially. As the healthcare industry moves from fee-for-service to alternative payment models, systems that enable patients to take a more active role in their healthcare are critical to improved outcomes, better care and reduced costs. By adding mobile, patient-driven solutions to Clinicient’s offerings, we ensure that healthcare providers and systems have the end-to-end tools to attract and engage patients in a more meaningful way,” added Rowe.

According to the media release from Clinicient, one of the distinguishing aspects of Keet’s solution is an intuitive, consumer design. “Today, individuals want and expect the same simplicity, convenience and aesthetic in their healthcare experience that they enjoy as a consumer,” say Jon Read, chief executive officer, Keet Health. “We put a tremendous amount of thought into our design and user interface for both the patient and therapist to have a positive impact on their respective days.”

The combined company will maintain offices and teams in Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas.