VitalGo Inc, Williston Park, NY, introduces the Total Lift Bed, which can raise a patient from a lying to a fully standing position with no manual lifting.

The bed offers health care facilities and patients a solution that addresses minimal lift, immobile patients, patient safe handling, caregiver safety and injury prevention, post-op transfer, early ambulation, and long-term care. It is designed to be used in hospitals, nursing homes and in home care markets.

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By continuously displaying the amount of pressure on the patient’s feet and legs, the bed allows caregivers to raise patients incrementally, based on their ability to bear their own weight. It also helps in early mobility and pulmonary therapy.

The company plans to release a bariatric version of the bed–which will be able to accommodate a 1,000-pound patient–in April.

The company’s advanced technology-based solutions aim to improve safety and quality of life for people who have difficulty performing daily activities, such as getting in and out of bed.

[Source: VitalGo]