Decision Resources Group’s recently released Medtech 360 spinal implant market report suggests that the market for spinal implants in the United States and Europe will continue to expand.

Several factors are enabling this growth, according to a media release from Decision Resources Group. These include the adoption of premium-priced motion preserving devices, favorable population dynamics, the continual emergence of supporting clinical data, and device innovation—especially related to minimally invasive spine surgeries.

However, according to the release, the report notes that purchasing will be limited to some extent by cost-containment measures that affect facility budgets. Moreover, stringency with reimbursement coverage and an increasing emphasis on conservative care will hinder market potential.

One of the findings from the report, per the release, is that robotic spine surgery will drive procedures in the long term due to the associated benefits of robotic surgery, such as a reduction in blood loss, postoperative pain, narcotics, surgeon tremor, and hospital stay associated with spinal implant procedures.

Another finding is that although 3D printing has not yet disrupted the spinal implant market, the technology will affect market dynamics to some extent in the future. Patient-specific device customization and flexibility with the application of osteoinductive coatings are among the early applications that demonstrate the potential of this technology in spinal implant markets, per the release.

In another finding from the report, ongoing trials are focusing on the investigation of biologics that suggest the potential to regenerate vertebral discs. If these products are proven to be effective, the release states, they could disrupt the spinal implant market.

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[Source(s): Decision Resources Group, PR Newswire]