ExcelHealth Inc reports that it has received a license from Health Canada for the commercial sale of its first product, the iReliev Pain Management System, which uses TENS technology to relieve acute and chronic pain. According to a news release from the company, both the FDA and Health Canada have cleared the product.

The device uses transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) technology to relieve acute and chronic pain. It is available to medical professionals and consumers in Canada and in the US. The FDA cleared the technology earlier this year for over-the-counter (OTC) use in the US, the release says.

Mike Williams, ExcelHealth CEO and iReliev developer, designates the suffering of those with physical pain as “an epidemic throughout the world,” and notes that with his own mother battling multiple sclerosis (MS), “I understand the impact pain can have on the while family. I am passionate about bringing to the marketplace accessible OTC pain management products that truly help people…,” Williams says.

Williams adds that the iReliev Pain Management System is built to be safe, easy to use, accessible, and cost-effective. The product is a dual channel TENS device that features new digital technology intended to make it small and portable.  Its portable design is intended to allow for effective pain relief at a variety of locations, from work, running errands, to shopping.

For more information, visit www.iReliev.com

Source: ExcelHealth Inc