Easterseals Southern California (ESSC) has launched a new ad campaign featuring southern California residents who receive services from Easterseals—aimed at Changing the Way You See Disability.

The campaign encompasses print, outdoor, and Internet ads, as well as social media postings with a “Make the Promise” call to action to support it with the hashtag #CelebrateDontSeparate.

The media features content asking people to reconsider how they view others with disabilities, with such challenges as: Celebrate. Don’t Separate; Dialogue. Not Doubt; Encourage. Don’t Exclude; Include. Don’t Isolate; Be Supportive. Not Sorry; and Spread Awareness. Not Assumptions.

“When we unite as one, we can create social change and break down barriers,” says Mark Whitley, president & CEO of ESSC, in a media release from Easterseals Southern California.

“Every day, people make generalizations about people with disabilities—and many may not even realize they’re doing it. We’re launching a movement that helps people look beyond what they see at first glance to build a more inclusive world.”

Featured in the campaign are six southern California residents who receive various living, work and educational services through ESSC, including: Jaden Hicks, 4, Ontario, preschooler, pianist and kickball player; Lora Glassman, 29, Yorba Linda, writer and film buff; Mauricio McKenzie, 64, Long Beach, gardener, handyman basketball fan and marathon runner; Maureen Roberto, 42, Norwalk, high school graduate, avid reader, community volunteer; Gerardo De La Cerda, 29, San Fernando, soccer coach, engaged to Valeria (also featured), whom he met at Easterseals; and Valeria Hernandez, 22, North Hills, dancer, looking forward to married life with Gerardo.

“I want people to see me for me, not just in the chair,” says Lora, in the release. “I am so much more than that.  We’re your neighbors, who are living, working and playing in your community and, like you, have a lot more to offer than you can see.”

“My hope is that this ad campaign will make people think and take a moment to get to know me – or anyone with a disability of any type – before making assumptions about what they ‘know.’ I’m the same as everybody else.”

The campaign’s first phase was launched recently and will continue to roll out throughout 2018.

[Source(s): Easterseals Southern California, PR Newswire]