According to recent findings by the American Pain Foundation, chronic pain takes a devastating toll on the lives of those who suffer. Results from the Voices of Chronic Pain patient survey reveal that more than half of the participating chronic pain patients (currently using an opioid analgesic agent) felt they had little or no control over their pain.

In fact, chronic pain is a major cause of absenteeism and unemployment in the United Statesresulting in more than 50 million lost workdays each year, at an estimated $100 billion in lost productivity and health care expenses. While safe and effective medical treatments for many types of pain are available, only one in four affected individuals receives proper treatment.

The Voices of Chronic Pain survey found that as a result of pain, more than three quarters of the surveyed patients reported feelings depression, trouble concentrating, and more than half said their chronic pain has put a strain on relationships with family and friends. More than 70% of these individuals noted their suffering had greatly impacted their work, and/or have lost a job due to their chronic pain.

More than three-quarters of patients surveyed said they are looking for new options to treat their pain. (Only 14 percent reported that they were satisfied with their current medications, while less than half believed they were currently getting enough information on the most effective ways to manage chronic pain.)