UNYQ Inc, a leader in the field of 3D-printed prosthetic wears, is introducing the new UNYQ FOOT, an innovative approach to making prosthetic feet for persons with amputations. The product is the result of a development collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs, as represented by Minneapolis Adaptive Design & Engineering (MADE) Program at Minneapolis VA Health Care System (HCS). The UNYQ FOOT will be showcased at the OTWorld international trade show for advanced prosthetics and orthotics in Leipzig, Germany, 10-13 May 2022.

UNYQ FOOT is based on research conducted with US Veterans with amputations showing the current need for prosthetic feet that allow a larger selection of shoe types and improved aesthetics, especially among women. Based on this insight, UNYQ and MADE created a proprietary ankle and 3D-printed feet accommodating to different shoes, heel heights and improved cosmetic features. UNYQ FOOT will be available later in the year in a wide variety of colors and styles, and as the product is custom, no inventory management is needed, reducing waste and cost. The proprietary lightweight ankle made of aluminum and titanium allows the foot to adjust to different heel heights.

UNYQ FOOT will use proprietary technology to capture user design preferences and biometrics, a process that involves 3D imaging, 3D-printing, and design finishing. Custom UNYQ FOOT will start shipping worldwide by the end of 2022.

“I have enjoyed our collaboration with UNYQ to bring this novel technology to market for Veterans and others with amputations. Our group believes this system will lead to improvements in body image, participation, and quality of life in women and men with amputations by allowing them more freedom in their choice of footwear,” said Dr. Andrew Hansen, Director of the Minneapolis Adaptive Design & Engineering (MADE) Program at the Minneapolis VA HCS.

“This project is exciting development when it comes to removing limitations with current prosthetic feet available to amputees. Current prosthetic feet are generally static and stale and do not allow any customization in terms of the footwear and style leading to hazel and frustration among their users. It’s been a true delight to work with the team at VA and other collaborators on this meaningful project,” said Eythor Bender, UNYQ CEO and Co-Founder.

[Source(s): UNYQ, Business Wire]