A continued collaboration between Flexpoint Sensor Systems Inc and Switzerland-based YouRehab results in the YouGrabber, a therapy glove system that features the Flexpoint Bend Sensor.

The YouGrabber is part of the YouRehab rehabilitative therapy suite composed also of YouKicker and YouInteract, all of which feature virtual reality devices and therapy management software.

According to the product’s website, the YouGrabber can be used with such indications as central nervous system disorders or damage, spinal cord disorders or damage, peripheral nerve lesions, orthopaedic impairments, and cognitive attention and reaction deficits.

Areas to be trained can include arm pronation and supination, arm lifting and lowering, hand and finger extension, grasping movements, fine finger movements, wrist flexion and extension, and elbow flexion and extension.

“Flexpoint is honored to be a part of this exciting, collaborative relationship with YouRehab. The company is setting new standards for next-gen, virtual reality enabled technology in the medical rehabilitative space,” comments Paul Sexauer, Flexpoint vice president of sales and marketing, in a media release from the company.

[Source(s): Flexpoint Sensor Systems Inc, PR Newswire]