Össur is launching three new models of its Cheetah sports prosthesis designed for amputee athletes, it announces in a media release.

Össur’s Cheetah is a J-shaped, carbon fiber prosthetic sports foot with a distinctive curved design that was modeled on the hind leg of reportedly the world’s fastest land animal.

Made of a proprietary carbon fiber composite, the high-performance Cheetah prosthesis was designed to mimic the anatomical performance of an able-bodied runner’s foot and ankle joint.

“Just as an athlete’s shoe requirements differ according to their sport, we embraced the opportunity to fine-tune our designs, considering matters such as blade stiffness, shape and build height to optimally support athletes with lower limb loss or limb difference. We worked closely with many of the most renowned athletes competing today to develop these advanced designs, which are intended to address the specific requirements of sprinting, longer distance running and long jump.”

— Jon Sigurdsson, President and CEO of Össur

The New Models

Össur’s newest Cheetah sports prostheses include:

  • The Cheetah Xcel is a next-generation sports prosthesis that was specifically designed for explosive, short distance sprints of 100-200m, with proprietary design features intended to reduce the user’s running effort and facilitate increased speed from starting block to finish line. 
  • The new Cheetah Xceed is designed to enhance running symmetry over earlier models, making it an ideal foot for unilateral (single) and bilateral (double) amputee athletes who are participating in professional sports or recreational activities such as long-distance running. 
  • The Cheetah Xpanse is specially designed for long jumping. The blade was designed to facilitate a faster pace for the run-up and improved push-off, helping the athlete achieve maximum distance out of their jump.

Athletes who choose the new Cheetah Xceed or Xcel models also have the option to select a new Nike SoleX, a proprietary removable sole that was developed in tandem between Össur’s engineers and the R&D team at Nike. The durable, lightweight Nike SoleX features an interchangeable sole system that was designed to sit smoothly atop Össur Cheetah Xceed and Xcel running blades. A streamlined, one-latch attachment system allows the user to simply don, doff or change their sole.

In addition, the new Össur Cheetah Xpanse blade is available with a new, next-generation Nike Spike Pad 2.0 that was co-designed with Nike and provides specialized traction that has been optimized for performance on various running surfaces.

All Cheetah sports prostheses are suitable for both above-knee (transfemoral) and below-knee (transtibial) amputees. They are available in customizable configurations and attachment options to accommodate such factors as an individual user’s weight, residual limb length, and foot alignment in relation to their running style. All of the new Cheetah models are available worldwide.

For more information, visit Össur.

[Source: Össur]

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