Separate announcements explain recent donations from ROBO 3D and doTERRA International LLC to organizations serving individuals with disabilities.

In the first, ROBO 3D announces that as a result of its “Printing with a Purpose” campaign, held during the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, it has donated 35 3D-printed prosthetics to the Enable Community Foundation.

During the CES show, ROBO 3D demonstrated its 3D printers by printing, in real time, prosthetic pieces for the Enable Community Foundation. During Enable Community Foundation’s recent “Hand-a-thon,” held during BodyHacking Con in Austin, Tex, conference participants assembled the pieces into prosthetic hands as a team-building event.

“Thirty-five prosthetic hands were put together during the event, with the majority of the pieces coming from ROBO 3D,” says Melina Brown, director of case management and quality assurance for the Enable Community Foundation, in a media release. “We are currently targeting the underserved communities of Latin America to receive them.”

In the second release, the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation announces it has made a donation to Healing Hands for Haiti, a nonprofit organization that assists people with disabilities in Haiti.

The donation was used to help the volunteers at the Healing Hands for Haiti clinic, also known as the Kinik Kay Kapab. Per the release, the clinic provides medicine, rehabilitation, education, training, and care for Haitians experiencing pain from disabilities—many of whom have become disabled as a result of the 2010 earthquake.

[Source(s): ROBO 3D, doTERRA International LLC, PR Newswire]