To ease travel to locales that include beaches and national parks, Convaid has unveiled an all-terrain package for its Cruiser wheelchair. The Torrence, Calif-based company notes that the Scout option is designed to transform “the Cruiser into an action-adventure wheelchair.” The option aims to provide maximum comfort and durability for users and freedom for families.

The Scout option offers high-performance tires, and features the same disc brakes used on high-end mountain bikes and heavy-duty upholstery. The Scout option also provides built-in lumbar support for added stability and posture, as well as multiple positioning options.

Convaid adds that it has also added a number of enhancements to the Cruiser wheelchair. These enhancements include zippers on the seat bottom and back upholstery for added comfort and support, and upholstery that can be removed without the use of tools. The wheelchair also features improved upholstery wrap through additional fabric to better secure the armrest wrap when the user is in the wheelchair, and anti-tip tubes, which are available as on option on each model with the exception of the CX18.

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[Source: Convaid]