The Shoe & Boot Valet aims to assist older adults and individuals with mobility challenges in pulling on or taking off their footwear, without the need to bend over or reach, and reportedly requiring little to no grip strength. The company of the same name, headquartered in Tulsa, Okla, notes that the product weighs approximately 1 pound and is engineered to last for years under normal use.

The company adds that the Shoe & Boot Valet can be used while sitting or standing, works on most types of footwear, and features an attached patented bootjack intended to provide ease in removing shoes and boots. According to the company, the product will soon be joined by a Sock Valet, featuring a gripping mechanism that pulls compression hosiery over the foot, ankle, and up the calf without the sock continually falling off.

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[Source: Shoe & Boot Valet]