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In her three latest posts, Eubank takes readers to the edge of their safety zone to meet and overcome their “demons,” moving forward despite fear. Learning to embrace creativity and passion can help those in power find their ability to step aside in the workplace so others might feel empowered by exerting an impact on their environment.

This concept of allowing others to take power dovetails into Eubank’s next post, which explains the reasoning behind this best practice among clinicians to empower; stepping aside and ceding some control to others in the organization.

The gesture, Eubank points out, can do much more than provide empowerment, it “could help make us remarkable. More specifically, remarkable as leaders.”

Eubank goes on to emphasize that if clinicians are to stand out as leaders, they must first consider that what makes them remarkable to others might not seem remarkable in their own minds. While stepping aside to allow others in your facility make a contribution, who “want to begin a special program for caregivers, or has some expertise to share with others on your team,” may not seem remarkable, “it may seem downright revolutionary to the person you empower.”

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