Sunrise Medical announces the launch of the QUICKIE ACCESS, a knee pivot manual wheelchair for independent propelling with the benefits of tilt and recline. The ACCESS solves multiple seating challenges while allowing clients to hand or foot propel, offering much appreciated independence.

The QUICKIE ACCESS, with a forward pivot location, provides low knee rise during tilt, enabling easy foot propulsion and clearance under tables for easier social engagement. Even if a thick cushion is needed for pressure relief or if larger casters are preferred, a low seat-to-floor height can be maintained facilitating a stepping activity to propel the wheelchair. Access to tables is still achievable while managing pressure.

The ACCESS has adjustable tilt and recline, providing alternative positions for pressure management meeting the recommended angles of 250 degrees of tilt and 400 degrees of recline. This ability to change the position of the wheelchair assists with improving trunk posture – enhancing respiration, digestion and function of other vital organs. The QUICKIE ACCESS is the only knee pivot chair with -50 anterior tilt for easy standing and transferring. By positioning the wheelchair frame at an anterior angle, the client will be able to more easily stand up for transfers and pressure management.

“The QUICKIE IRIS has been the leader in tilt and recline wheelchairs for years and with the launch of the QUICKIE ACCESS, clients now can have tilt and recline and the ability to self-propel,” said Jesus Ibarra, Product Manager for Adult Manual Wheelchairs at Sunrise Medical. “This will provide increased independence for those with postural challenges, giving them an opportunity to use various tilt and recline angles to achieve a pressure relieving position while enhancing self-propulsion and transfers.”

[Source: Sunrise Medical]