Invacare Corporation introduces a new, narrower version of the Invacare AVIVA STORM RX rear wheel drive power wheelchair.

The narrow base model offers several new features compared to the standard version of the AVIVA STORM RX, a next generation chair launched in August 2021, including:

  • Overall width of 22.4” – A reduction of 2”
  • Smaller seat sizes – Seat sizes as small as 11”x11” (Ultra Low Mini), a reduction of 3” vs Ultra Low Maxx
  • Lighter – Weight of the chair reduced by over 13% (45.4 lbs.)
  • Tighter turn radius – Reduced by 0.4”

“I’m excited about the many benefits the narrow base adds to our already impressive AVIVA STORM RX lineup, the only next generation rear wheel drive power wheelchairs that truly have 4 wheels on the ground. Initial feedback from our end-users has been overwhelmingly positive, with the narrow base providing additional maneuverability and navigation that even outperforms some mid wheel drive chairs on the market today. I truly believe that this chair provides our end-users with best-in-class ride quality and the peace of mind to safely navigate multiple environments without having to worry about what is behind them.”

— Ann Quigley, VP of sales, Motion Concepts, a division of Invacare

The AVIVA STORM RX series is an innovative leap forward in the company’s rear-wheel drive power wheelchairs, focused on improving the experience for end-users through design, technology and performance, according to a media release.


With its sleek base, the flared front end supports use of the center mount foot platform for overall turning radius reduction, enables the legs to tuck under the chair, allows a user to get closer to their environment, and facilitates easier stand pivot transfers.


Rehab-redefining LiNX technology continues to enhance the set-up process with new and improved features. From pre-set programming parameters, to live wireless programming, to integration with ASL specialty controls, set-up is as simple as turning on the LiNX remote. Standard LED lighting system helps users illuminate the area in front of them.


With a short wheelbase and narrow width, the AVIVA STORM RX gives a compact base footprint for excellent maneuverability.

The all-new patent-pending Invacare SureGrip suspension system helps provide a smooth and quiet driving experience indoors and outdoors. A rear anti-tipper utilizes a shock absorber to help respond to vibrations and noise, providing a smoother, quieter ride. The drive motor is pushed down for better traction as the rear anti-tipper is engaged over a bump and the front caster bearing has an elastomeric dampener to help reduce vibrations and impacts.

To find out more about the Invacare AVIVA STORM RX Narrow Base Power Wheelchair, visit Invacare.

LiNX is a registered trademark of Dynamic Controls.

[Source(s): Invacare Corporation, Business Wire]