According to a recent news release, Aditazz, San Bruno, Calif, has entered into a partnership with inventor Roger Leib, founder of Develop, LLC. The partnership’s primary goal centers on jointly developing and marketing the Patient Mobility Platform, a suite of mobility products conceived and designed by Leib. The platform is designed to allow patients to recover more rapidly in hospital settings, the release notes. The system reportedly hinges on the introduction of mobility and assisted rehabilitation at an earlier stage of treatment. 

Dan Pittard, Aditazz CEO, notes that the health care design and construction firm shares Leib’s commitment to steering what Pittard designates as “the current sedentary patient care model,” toward one based upon active patient mobility in order to improve outcomes. Aditazz adds that collaboration with Leib and Develop, LLC, contributed to Aditazz’s emergence as the co-winner of Kaiser Permanente’s 2012 “Small Hospital, Big Idea,” design competition.

The release reports that the patient mobility platform is comprised of two component systems; the first a mobile support system and the second a power assisted chair. The platform is engineered to provide patients greater movement between the bed, chair, and toilet during hospitalization. According to Aditazz, the chair also enables patients to sit in an upright position for extended periods of time, bolstering patient confidence, allowing the patient to actively engage in their surroundings, and reducing the necessity of caregiver assistance. 

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Source: Aditazz