The Numotion online store now includes RibGrips, which attach to most standard wheelchair wheels and are designed to help users better grip the wheels for easier range of motion and more revolutions per push.

RibGrips are made from a soft proprietary thermal plastic material that is resistant to tearing, peeling, or separation due to strikes from sharp objects. In addition, they also provide relief to users’ hands since less pressure is required when slowing and braking.

“After years of cycling through various vinyl and rubber coated handrims, I developed chronic calluses and shoulder pain. I knew there had to be a smarter and more comfortable way to propel my chair,” says Brandon Handel, designer and cofounder of RibGrips, in a media release from Numotion.

“With great innovation in recreational devices for people with use of all four limbs, my partner Jacob Barber and I set out to design a solution for the problems we were encountering. The result was a handrim product that offered a mechanical advantage through geometry, but also utilized a material that was soft and durable to grab you back, without leaving a sticky residue on your hands,” he adds.

RibGrips fit most standard 24-inch handrims, and conversion hardware is available for those with 25-inch rims. They are a quarter-inch wider in diameter than traditional rubber-coated handrims. Colors available include Galactic Black, Hero Blue, Hot Pink and Racer Red.

For more information, visit Numotion.

[Source: Numotion]